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Ccbellucce face cream is a skin lightening face cream contains a blend of ingredients that fights against pigmentation, spots, sunburn, restoring and maintaining youthful skin.

*Fades acne scars, dark spots/age spots
*Heals the skin and sunburn
*Provide more youthful-looking appearance

Ingredients; Aqua(water),Kojic acid, isopropyl myristate, allantoin, citric acid, fruit extract, jojoba oil, Ascorbic acid, collagen, coenzyme Q10, glycerin, hemp seed oil, rose hip oil, bearberry extract, mineral oil, hydrolyzed silk, vitamin E, vitamin A.

*For external use only
*Do not use on broken skin.

*Do not apply this face cream if you are going to stay under the sun.

How to use; wash face and Apply ccbellucce face cream morning and night. always take a break after using for 7days